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Meet Our Team

Frikkie and Pao Le Roux - Lovebirds

Frikkie and Pao Le Roux

The Franchisors

This dynamic husband and wife team have over 42 years combined business and management experience working with executives and managers in business.They bring a wealth of experience and industry knowledge in the fields of people development, coaching and training.

Their first training company was founded in August 1998, with Frikkie developing their first training programs in March 2004. They also received training in Africa, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the United States of America.

Frikkie has received several international awards for recruitment and increasing sales results.

Pao’s background in marketing, experience in training and coaching, and previous business ownership bring significant value to clients. Pao’s many years in direct marketing enable her to bring excellent customer service to every business model.

Our Master Franchise owners

David Wong

South Island Master FRANCHISEE

David is a qualified Chartered Accountant with CAANZ and CPA,
member of the Institute of Director.

Our Franchise owners


Steve Clark

Franchisee Auckland

Steve and Tracey have a heart for helping people and seeing them prosper. 

Melanie O’Dell

Franchisee AUCKLAND

Melanie has a vast amounts of experience in all aspects of setting up and running a successful business, she understands the struggles business owners face.


Fiona Chanmala

Franchisee AUCKLAND

Fiona, an passionate individual, with a legacy of helping her clients realize their full potential.


Joneet Lal


Joneet’s purpose in life is to help people discover purpose and grow themselves to their full potential in business and their lives.


Suzet Potgieter

Franchisee Tauranga

Suzet has a desire to see each person exceed their expectations. 


Natasja Du Plessis


Natasja has a desire to see each person exceed their expectations. 

Wiki Petkaew


Wiki loves to share the experience and find the solution that challenge in your business. 

Our Purpose

To help business people and their families live full, healthy and prosperous lives.

Our Mission​

To creatively help people achieve personal goals and organisations deliver measurable results.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most effective training and coaching network.

Our Support Team

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Fiona Braithwaite 


info will follow

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Di Yao

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Di has over a decade’s experience with sales management from New Zealand local to international businesses. She has developed a range of skills to run businesses as a trainer and a manager. She has an enormous passion for creating values for people’s lives, coaching and training teams to the full potential and helping people to find ways to work smarter. Di has a strong understanding of multi-cultures and great joy in supporting personal and business growth. 

Her email address is


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Danja Du Plessis

sales and marketing consultant

For more information, please contact Danja.


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Chanika Belcher

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Chanika has a wide range of experience locally and internationally, as an employee and a business owner in many industries such as, manufacturing, real estate, retail, hospitality, and beauty therapy. This gave her a solid understanding through the variety of business operations and its solutions which led her to run her own business in healing, and helping people understand their purpose in life, and having obtained a Graduate Diploma in International Business from AUT she also assists her husband who runs a business in the property maintenance industry, she’s a hands-on type of person who likes to bring joy to people’s lives.

Chanika is passionate about helping people succeed in business and to reach their full potential, she understands that it’s sometimes tough juggling work and life as a mum! However, it’s possible to have a good work-life balance. She has learned that with the right tools and the right coach, coupled with an intention to succeed, any business can become successful and prosper as well as you.

Natalie Fox | Coach and Trainer | High Performance

Natalie Fox


For more information, please contact Natalie.

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Petra Volent

marketing manager

Petra has a background in business management, marketing, graphic design, and website building. She has a huge passion for creating beautiful presentations and designs to make the courses easier to understand and learn. She has developed a wide range of skills in marketing and management running her own business. 

Training Room with Trainees

We are different

We maximise our client’s bottom line, through Personal and Business Development. We improve the effectiveness of both the owner and employees in his or her Business - A Powerful Combination. Our programs are specifically designed to change behaviors based on pre-determined Business Objectives - This results in Permanent Change. High ROI on your Training Investment. Historically we achieved an average 1:10.

Our Training Method

Training specifically designed to change behaviours based on pre-determined business objectives. Evaluation and measurement criteria are developed prior to training and carefully applied over an extended period of time. This type of training results in permanent change. The difference is quite evident between the methods where application is not a pre-requisite to the process.

Our Concept

Our training has a unique approach to improve motivation, organisational effectiveness, service delivery and quality. We utilise a time-proven and experience-tested methodology to unleash dormant potential in organisations, boosting overall production and increasing the quality of the end result with reduced costs and increased profit. In the last 23 years we consistently achieved improved results for our customers.