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Business Improvement

Feedback from Lucas Lu of House of Boulevard  

Feedback from Mary Talisa of 275KAI

Feedback from Seb & Rachel of Spray & Wash West Auckland

Feedback from Antonia of The Greenhouse Kitchen & Bar Rotorua 

Feedback from Fawcett & Dawn Elu of Force Wielding lt

Feedback from Linda Read of Flowers on Onewa

Feedback from Brian Alley of Pop's Games on our training

Feedback from Iante Rademeyer of Ion Anthos 


Feedback from Deven Maharaj Subway Franchisee

Feedback from Elizabeth Myburgh Wendy's Supa Sunday

Feedback from Elaine Bracefield. DNA Nutrition Limited

Feedback from Melvin Plaisier and Alyshia Marshall Ray White Swanson Owner

Feedback from Tracey Clark Owner of Gifted Company

Feedback from Sally Feinerman Personal Training Studio

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