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Steve Clark


Steve has a heart for helping people and seeing them prosper. He has done this in many ways over time, from children’s work, marriage counselling, pastoral support and business mentoring.

Steve Clark draws on a career in risk management, training, controls assurance and pastoral support in NZ and overseas.As a Chartered Accountant Steve brings experience across various industry sectors and business processes – ‘from boiler room to board room. He operates with both a personal and structured approach to clients having been in past leadership, mentoring and pastoral roles.

Having worked in large corporates, run his own small business and worked in a not-for-profit, Steve brings an understanding and empathy to the needs of those he trains and coaches. Steve delivers with the HPTC team a balance of tailored coaching along with measurable action to deliver results. Being a proud New Zealander, Steve loves seeing high performing kiwi’s succeed on the world stage – whether sport, business or politics. He has a keen interest in start-up and angel investing – supporting entrepreneurs commercialise innovation and scale globally.



“My business is call house of Boulevard and we are located at Central Boulevard at Silverdale and we just opened for over a year. We aim to have a nice place any moment for coasty, who live here and have the different options and spend their quality time with their friends and have a nice drink selection and our amazing food.” Lucas Lu

Impact of not getting coaching?
“We probably not gonna get through the Covid pandemic and this business not gonna survive” Lucas Lu

What were some key lessons from your coaching?
“The most importance thing is the team playing, we have found the strengths of team member and because we are a team so we prefer people to do what their good at and make the team more personality” Lucas Lu

What were some of the results?
“Our customer footpath actually have 14% increase and the same as we tracking each of the transection the average spend gone up to 40% as well and we did calculate down to the money there are 60% increase of the sales which is a wonderful results” Lucas Lu

What personal benefits did you take away from your mentoring?
“After we done the calculate the results actually help me a lot, to own a business I have a lot of stress personally actually I found the easier way to achieved more  and when you are facing a problem we try to find the solution and now I found the solutions. As a small business owner I would love to introduce High performance coaching to my friends and another people, I will definitely recommend if you are truckling with your small business especially during the Covid19 pandemic. They will show you individual way to help you self and your business to find the way go through this pandemic” Lucas Lu

Lucas Lu

House of Boulevard

Do you want to feel empowered to reach your business goals and rapidly grow your profits?

High Performance Training and Coaching offers a result-orientated approach, addresses your key challenges and growth factors, and our coaches enable behavioural change towards achieving specific outcome.
We are unique in that we follow a specific structure which includes several regular 1-on-1 sessions with one of our experienced coaches, as well as online mobile presentations, audio files, KPI and business tracking. We really want to understand our clients unique challenges, dreams and visions for their businesses to assist them with creating successful habits, tracking and measuring their goals to get them the best results.

Business Coaching that gets measurable results

With High Performance Training and Coaching by your side, you will achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Over the years of running the company we have seen huge positive changes in our clients business and personal lives and ROI’s in the region of 1:10. 
We work with you on resolving staff issues and getting the right people on board, on gaining more profit, on growing your business to the next level, on creating a better work/life balance for yourself and your family, on assisting with getting your business ready to achieve the best sale. 

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We help you learn essential skills that can strengthen your business plan, increase productivity and stimulate business development. With us as your experienced accountability partner, enjoy the rewards of increased profits, better work-life balance, and a new level of success for your business.

Schedule a no obligation call with Steve to discuss your goals, current obstacles and what you could gain from our training programs. Tailored to the New Zealand market, we cater to your unique challenges. Are you ready to grow your business to the next level?