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Sven Castelyn


Sven has had the unique opportunity to travel the world while working for a few Fortunate 500 organisations in Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and New Zealand over the past 20 years.

Early into his sales career, Sven had the privilege of being identified by senior management within Dell Technologies as having a unique ability to build relationships with people and understanding the intricacies of their business. With that, he was enrolled in a 5-year leadership program and was nurtured and trained by some of the most successful leaders in the market today.

His natural passion and determination for helping people have been his personal achievement. By empowering people with positive business and personal outcomes through strategic training, mentoring and upskilling he has seen great success.

Over the years Sven has fine-tuned his core strengths and abilities by understanding what areas within a business need to improve with effective business planning, profitability, productivity and performance through successful selling.

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