Owner, Manager and Executive Coaching Programs

Training programs are tailor made for the New Zealand market and can be tailored according to your needs or the requirements of your company. We follow an outcome based approach that addresses your key challenges and growth factors. We are not traditional trainers; we are also coaches that initiate behavioural change targeted at achieving specific results.

We provide our clients with a high return on their training investment. Typically they made an average 1:10 return on their investment. We have consistently achieved this over a period of 25 years. This training, coaching and advisory support will help with:

  • Establishing clear personal dreams and business goals
  • Improving work/life balance
  • Maintaining or re-establishing health and well-being
  • Increasing customers
  • Increasing sales

Whether you join our Goal Oriented Life training program you will:

  • Set specific business and personal goals
  • Identify Social Styles to better manage yourself, your teams and increase sales
  • Track High Impact Tasks
  • Attend Weekly or Fortnightly accountability sessions.
  • Reach your desired outcome as defined during the Strategic Planning Session.

Learning and capability development is captured through an Achievement Plan which is Goal Oriented and Results Driven to develop and then establish high performing Behaviours, Attitudes and Skills.

Training and coaching is in-person and online with participants having exclusive access to the High Performance Learning system for development materials, tools, actions and results tracking

Goal Oriented Life Program

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