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We often think that success comes from massive actions, but the opposite is true – the effects of hundreds of small decisions and habits accumulate and compound just like compound interest in economics. Initially, the effects may not even be noticeable, but a slight change in your daily habits can change your destination greatly. However, it is never too late to break a bad habit or create a good one.
In the infamous book, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, he outlines 4 laws to create a good habit:

  1.  Make it obvious – create awareness.
    Example: Make a habit scorecard by writing down all your daily habits and determine which ones are positive, negative, and neutral – use colour to highlight and colour-code these habits to create a strong visual connection.
  2. Make it attractive and irresistible – if your behaviour gets reward and praise, we find it attractive and we are more likely to continue doing it.
    Example: Surround yourself with people who possess your desired behaviour. 

  3. Make it easy – consistency is always better than performing the behaviour perfectly for one day. 
    Example: use the 2-minute Rule – “when you start a new habit, it should take less than 2 minutes to do.”

  4.  Make it immediately satisfying – we are more likely to repeat the habit when the experience is satisfying. 
    Example: if you want to make going to the gym a habit, at the end of the workout do something that you like – e.g., taking a bath. 

Here at High Performance Training and Coaching, we value the importance of habitual changes as they inevitably lead to lifestyle changes and success. It can often be daunting or even paralyzing looking up at the large mountain ahead of you that represent your goals and aspirations. How do you climb it? Which route will you take? Can you climb it? However, we can break the mountain into smaller segments and achieve many smaller goals that make up our one big goal. 

This is why we have a specific training program called, “Goal Oriented Life Program”, which guides you through the process of frequent goal setting and road-mapping. We will walk you through the process of goal setting and road-mapping, but also train you to remain mentally strong, motivated, and focussed while living a goal directed life. Through business coaching in this way, we can help you maximise your potential and realise your business and life goals.

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